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Galleries are closed for the foreseeable future, with unknown restrictions once reopened.


The Covid-19 lockdown has made those of us in the creative arts, think outside the box to create new revenue streams and get others to see our work in situ.

The Ministry of Arts will design and create an interactive, 28 day virtual gallery space for your own exhibition for a FLAT RATE with 0% COMMISSION

  • Starting at a flat rate of £150: The viewer can navigate around the gallery, get close-up to your work, click for the artwork info and make sales enquiries (all leads/sales are passed directly to the artist).


What you get:

  • Complete virtual exhibition ready to share

  • Choice of four virtual galleries for 28 days (including 2 day build)

  • Embed with your exhibition title and relevant information

  • Each artwork embedded with; Artist name, Title, Medium, Size, Price and any Additional notes

  • Your artwork will be framed (virtually)

  • Your artwork will be hung (Screenshots available prior to opening)

  • Send invites on your behalf

  • Link to exhibition to share or code to embed to your own website (terms apply)

  • NO sales interference from Ministry of Arts (All enquiries passed straight to the artist)

  • Visitor analytics – If required

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