TITLE: Self-Isolation [Every Minute Counts]


Medium: Archival Ink on 315gsm Heritage Paper

Size: 58x50

Price: £1600



This amazingly detailed drawing, titled: Self-Isolation [Every Minute Counts], was created by fine artist Gary Mansfield in response to the 14 day self-Isolation period, should one show any of the Corona Virus symptoms.Using the tally mark, like that found scratched into a cell wall, Gary has logged each of the 20,160 minutes of the 14 days to build the form of this padlock.



Self-Isolation [Every Minute Counts] by Gary Mansfield

  • TIME Series

    Gary Mansfield has produced a series of ink drawings dedicated to ‘time’, a once precious commodity that is increasingly devalued in today’s society.  His use of the tally, like that scratched into a cell wall to mark each passing day, is used to create the form of each given subject.