Title: Padlock #2 (Love Locked)

Medium: Archival Giclee Print on 300gsm 100% Cotton

Size: 25x25cm

Edition of 14

Price: £140

(Each print is numbered, signed and embossed by the artist)


As part of his TIME Series, Gary has produced Padlock #2 (Love Locked) in an edition of just 14.

Legend says that the first Love Lock was placed on a bridge in the Serbian Town of Vrnjačka Banja over 100 years ago, after the towns women paid tribute to a local school teacher who died of a broken heart 8 years, 4 months and 2 days after her fiancé left her for another.

There are 3062 tally marks in this artwork, reflecting each day of her broken heart.


Padlock #2 (Love Locked) By Gary Mansfield

  • TIME Series

    Gary Mansfield has produced a series of ink drawings dedicated to ‘time’, a once precious commodity that is increasingly devalued in today’s society.  His use of the tally, like that scratched into a cell wall to mark each passing day, is used to create the form of each given subject.