Title: I’mPerfect (AP #2 of 4 Unique)

Medium: Onyx Resin

Dimensions: 90 x 220 x 265mm

Edition size: Unique 7 (+4 AP’s)

Price: £1200



Gary Mansfield produced I’mPerfect as a conceptual self-portrait.  Cast from an actual HM Prison shirt, Gary has laid bare his faults and imperfections, in stark contrast to the pristinely folded shirts found in a Men’s clothing store, which hide their creases away beneath.

In a digital world where a filter setting on a smart phone, instantly hides the ‘true you’. Honesty of the self seems rare.  Celebrating the faults that make the individual, the title is a question given to the viewer; ‘Imperfect or I’m perfect?  You decide!’

(This sculpture can be laid horizontal or vertical/wall-hung)


Related info:

The I’mPerfect Series was created as a unique edition of 7.  Each of the 7 representing a year of progressive mental deterioration spent in prison.  The AP’s, were torn from the mould without the consideration normally given, slightly damaging the rubber each time.  The edition of 7 that followed, were produced the same way, with the intention of making one slightly more damaged than the last.

Two of the seven were used as a collaborating with other artists.  In 2018, with a hammer & chisel, Mark Titchner chipped away the imperfections of #4, leaving a fractured and broken echo of the original, named The State and The Self.

In 2019, Richard Wood took #7 hung it vertical on a wooden board and painted it into one of his ‘house’ paintings, naming it House Extension.


I'mPerfect (A/P 2/4) By Gary Mansfield